Check-in, March 2019

After a year hiatus I’m getting back into writing, music, development, and other hobbies of mine that I had to put on pause while we got our lives back in order after moving across the country.

Stardew Valley: Most Money Possible in the First Month Guide

One of the most difficult parts of creating a new Stardew farm is the lack of funds, so I set a goal to try and determine how much money I could get during the initial Spring season of Year One.

Life Update: We’re moving to California!

We’ll be relocating to San Jose at the beginning of August!

February 2018 Music

A variety playlist of what I’ve been listening to this month. Featuring bands like Patawawa, Classixx, Body Language, and L’Impératrice

Stardew Valley: Most Profitable Cash Crops

Top 5 crops, season-by-season, showing the highest profit margin over a single season.