Check-in, March 2019


After a year hiatus I’m getting back into writing, music, development, and other hobbies of mine that I had to put on pause while we got our lives back in order after moving across the country. Relocating was a lot harder than we anticipated, we’re quite far from Jess’s job and because of it roughly 3-4 hours of her day are eaten in commuting which makes it hard to find time during the week to be normal people, but we’re doing good and keeping our chins up about it.

Nobody ever gets things right the first time 🙂

We have another move coming up soon as we’ll be relocating from San Jose to Oakland in order to be closer to Jess’s job, but only good things can come of it.

I’m in the process of putting some finishing touches on blog posts revolving around community management and moderating, but those will likely debut over on a new website that I’m working on during my free time. No details yet, but I’ll post here when I’ve got more things sorted out.

Until then, here’s some music tax (this one’s for you Joe):

B77 – “Beach 77”

The Drums – “Blood Under My Belt”