February 2018 Music

My music choices for February 2018

It has been a hot minute since I’ve shared what music I’ve been working to, and I’m very happy to start this series again. With Jessica working on DJing more frequently music has made a strong reappearance in my day-to-day work life, strong-arming Podcasts out of the way with ease. Below is a variety playlist of what I’ve been listening to this month faturing bands like Patawawa, Classixx, Body Language, and L’Impératrice

Classixx – “Faraway Reach”

Poolside, Fatnotronic – “Esperar Pra Ver”

Patawawa – “Lonely”

Body Language – “When You Left”

L’Impératrice – “Vanille fraise”

FKJ – “Joy”

Wajatta – “Runnin'”

Phil Gerus – “Make Time”