Life Update: We’re moving to California!


I am excited to announce that my partner, Jessica Smolinski, and I are going to be moving to San Jose, California at the beginning of August. She’s accepted a new position as a Product Designer for a startup located out of San Francisco which she’ll start shortly after we relocate to the sunny, beautiful west coast. We’re both ecstatic to begin this adventure in a new city with all of the wacky mishaps that will likely happen along the way.

Hello, sourdough capital of the world. Here I come!

We’re currently in the process of purging our house of non-essential items to make our move easier, which has begun to feel a bit more like a NASA Moon Mission than a move to a West Coast. Each nostalgic trinket that we move into our ‘donate’ pile has begun to serve a dual purpose, both as a difficult realization of the changes to come, but also as a polite reminder of how we’ll be able to start anew; allowing us to refocus our efforts on who we are now instead of who we once were.

The most difficult part of our move is our short timeline due to the start date of Jess’s new position. It doesn’t allow us much time to connect with the people in the Omaha community who we looked up to– and eventually were able to call our mentors, colleagues, and most importantly our friends. The community as a whole has been overly supportive of both Jess and me through the years, whether it be through design, development, music, culinary, or anything in-between and we cannot even begin to thank everyone enough for what you’ve done for us.

Despite relocating to the west coast, I will continue to represent the Mid-West by continuing to work for my current Omaha-based employer, Flywheel, as a WordPress Performance Engineer with no desire to look elsewhere. I love my job, where I’m able to do my best work ensuring that our customer’s websites remain the fastest and most performant they can be.

We’re always hiring if you’re looking for something new 😉

I’m very excited to transition from a traditional daily office-goer to becoming a remote from-home employee, something which Flywheel already promotes and supports for a large portion of our company already with remote employees on both coasts of the United States, Australia, Western Europe, India, and Canada. As a bonus, I’m hoping that in my transition to working from home will help give me and the rest of the Omaha-based office insight into what it’s like to work remotely so that I can help provide feedback to ensure remote employees feel more included.

I look forward to how our relocation will impact our lives both professionally and interpersonally, to see what Jess’s DJing and passion for political activism will bring as well to see if I’ll be able to recreate the venerable San Francisco sourdough loaf.

We will be in Omaha for another month if you’d like to meet up, but if we’re unable to connect in time and you ever find yourself in the greater Bay area, you can always reach out. I’ll also be making semi-frequent return visits to Omaha because of Flywheel, so be sure to keep your ears open.