Beginner’s JS – Week 3 & 4

I’ve recovered from 3 weeks of Influenza, Travel, and Post-PAX South Con-Crud, so I’m hopping back into the Wes Bos Beginner’s Javascript Course again and going through module four.

Beginner’s JS – Week 2

Diving into the bread-and-butter of what makes up javascript.

Beginner’s JS – Week 1 Check-in

I recently dove back into Javascript to try and dust off some old skills, I’ll be doing weekly checkins on new tools/methods that I discover!

Mixer/Twitch “Going-Live” Scene using MoJS

Using CodePen to build a “Going Live” scene for streams.

Transparent Animations using CSS Steps()

I’ve recently started messing around with the steps() timing property for CSS animation, it’s pretty slick.

Full Typography

Most of my typography for this site, located in one place.