Check-in, March 2019

After a year hiatus I’m getting back into writing, music, development, and other hobbies of mine that I had to put on pause while we got our lives back in order after moving across the country.

Stardew Valley: Most Money Possible in the First Month Guide

One of the most difficult parts of creating a new Stardew farm is the lack of funds, so I set a goal to try and determine how much money I could get during the initial Spring season of Year One.

Life Update: We’re moving to California!

We’ll be relocating to San Jose at the beginning of August!


Mixer/Twitch “Going-Live” Scene using MoJS

Using CodePen to build a “Going Live” scene for streams.

Transparent Animations using CSS Steps()

I’ve recently started messing around with the steps() timing property for CSS animation, it’s pretty slick.

Full Typography

Most of my typography for this site, located in one place.