Check-in, March 2019

After a year hiatus I’m getting back into writing, music, development, and other hobbies of mine that I had to put on pause while we got our lives back in order after moving across the country.

Stardew Valley: Most Money Possible in the First Month Guide

One of the most difficult parts of creating a new Stardew farm is the lack of funds, so I set a goal to try and determine how much money I could get during the initial Spring season of Year One.

Life Update: We’re moving to California!

We’ll be relocating to San Jose at the beginning of August!


Beginner’s JS – Week 3 & 4

I’ve recovered from 3 weeks of Influenza, Travel, and Post-PAX South Con-Crud, so I’m hopping back into the Wes Bos Beginner’s Javascript Course again and going through module four.

Beginner’s JS – Week 2

Diving into the bread-and-butter of what makes up javascript.

Beginner’s JS – Week 1 Check-in

I recently dove back into Javascript to try and dust off some old skills, I’ll be doing weekly checkins on new tools/methods that I discover!

Mixer/Twitch “Going-Live” Scene using MoJS

Using CodePen to build a “Going Live” scene for streams.

Transparent Animations using CSS Steps()

I’ve recently started messing around with the steps() timing property for CSS animation, it’s pretty slick.